Samsung Galaxy Note – Ad Review

Samsung is describing its new Galaxy Note handheld as a hybrid device. Any commercial that is aired is responsible for implementing a company’s strategy or vision in the market place. Samsung’s description for the campaign: “Phone? Tablet? It’s the best of both in that regards is clear and to the point. It wants to be player in a category that sits between a Smartphone and a Tablet. Whether it would be successful or not in implementing this strategy only time will tell. But let’s analyze their two ad campaigns and see what they are trying to communicate.

Communication Objective: Category Need 

The communication objective for Samsung Galaxy Note is to create a sense of need for this device in your day to day life. The idea is that the device would allow you to satisfy your current need of carrying a device that allows you to perform both the role of a smart phone and a tablet.

Advertising Type: Product Oriented Advertisement

All of the advertising content for Samsung Galaxy Note is directed towards highlighting its various features and idea of a device that is best of both a smart phone and a tablet.  The goal of-course is to promote the device to business folks its indented target audience.

The one area which it fails to deliver is in building Brand Awareness.  Galaxy Note is mentioned only once and then there is no mention at all. Clearly, the focus is to highlight its various features , however brand recall is essential at the point of purchase. [See the  below highlighted image of another Samsung Galaxy Note Ad for example.]

Samsumg Galaxy Note - Brand Awareness

Advertising Strategy: Standardized product and Standardized communications

Samsung Galaxy Note is intended for global market. This kind of advertising strategy is effective for products which are culturally neutral and involves a worldwide brand and uniform communications. The campaigns are produced centrally and only minimal changes are made for local adaptions.

Execution Style: Slice of Life

Samsung Galaxy Note ad message is to show the product in a relevant day to day context. The features highlight this relevancy explicitly and are the main focus of this ad campaign.

Lets take a look at another Samsung Galaxy Note commercial which highlights Category Need and Brand Awareness in the ad campaign.

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One thought on “Samsung Galaxy Note – Ad Review

  1. hmm i think, the main criteria of the advertisement is to create a want! need… making the audience or the buyer feel immense need of it… the more user friendly and attractive the more is it its sale and more reliable it is the more is its brand value… something which nokia had created.. galaxy note clearly pointed out that instead of carrying a laptop or an ipad… carry smthing thts smaller, handy yet as good as a laptop… its fast its handy and its user friendly,…

    targeting business class is a smart idea…. 33k worth fone… believe it or not its a fact tht the more expensive ur fones/ apparels… etc in short brands are ,… the more impressive it is in the market.. plus buying a heavy laptop or buying a handy fone with similar features .. the choice seems obvious for most ppl…. if a fone has so much and probably unique one and first one to hv come up with such an idea. anybody would remember the brand…

    when the idea is impressive the brand is automatically impactful !!

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